No. 27, Bengong 1st Road, Gangshan District, Kaohs

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Haeshian Food, Established in 2003

Our mission is to promote natural food, healthy eating, and provide our consumers with the best choice of seaweed products. Currently, we manufacture Korean seaweed, sandwich laver, seaweed crisps, and other seaweed products. We create our own brands as well as provide ODM services and professional seaweed products and packaging suggestions based on client needs.

In recent years, we have been actively developing new products and flavours based on changing market and consumer needs. Our strict quality control procedures ensure our seaweed products meet international standards for food hygiene and safety, therefore providing our customers and clients with seaweed of the highest quality.

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2021/10/25 員工一遊(江南渡假村)
2021/08/13 公司頒獎活動(久任獎金、子女獎學金)
2021/02/26 春酒活動(西子灣沙灘會館)
2021/02/18 員工年度體檢
2020/12/25 聖誕節活動
2020/08/06 109年公司頒獎活動
2020/03/05 自助式春酒活動
2020/02/19 年度員工體檢
2019/12/25 聖誕節活動